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Beer Tasting Flight at Bellingham Brewery. Image by Meritt Thomas


From the Heart of Bellingham, All About Beer.


Filling a long-vacant space.

I started Bellingham Beer Blog with the goal of offering readers a glimpse into the glorious Bellingham Beer Scene. I will start out with weekly posts and evolve into a dynamic site packed with information about beer, wine and ciders that are near and dear to me. Take some time to explore the blog and see all things beer that you don't know you're missing in Bellingham. . Read on and enjoy!

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If you are visiting Bellingham, just moved to town, or have lived here all your life, chances are, you most likely love a good local beer, and if that is the case, Bellingham is your place. 
According to US Census Bureau population estimates for 2021, Bellingham has a population of approximately 92,289.
With 15 breweries inside city limits, that gives us one brewery for every 6,153 people in Bellingham.
Whatcom County's population is approximately 228,831 (2021 Census estimate). With 18 breweries countywide, that’s one brewery for every 12,713 residents in Whatcom County. *
*According to


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