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The Future is Beer.

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

This might sound like something out of a Sci-Fi novel, but believe it or not, beer bots are a thing, and they are set to revolutionize the brewing industry, so hold on to your trucker hats, it’s going to be a spectacularly futuristic ride.

As written in the ACS Nano Pub site:

“Herein, we encapsulate yeast cells into a biocompatible alginate (ALG) polymer along Fe3O4 nanoparticles to produce magneto/catalytic nanostructured ALG@yeast-Fe3O4 BioBots. Yeast encapsulated in these biocompatible BioBots keeps their biological activity (growth, reproduction, and catalytic fermentation) essential for brewing. Catalytic fermentation of sugars into CO2 gas caused a continuous oscillatory motion of the BioBots in the solution. This BioBot motion is employed to enhance the beer fermentation process compared to static-free yeast cells. When the process is finished, magnetic actuation of BioBots is employed for their retrieval from the beer samples, which avoids the need of additional filtration steps. All in all, we demonstrate how an industrial process such as beer production can be benefited by miniaturized autonomous magneto/catalytic BioBots.”

Fe3O4 = Iron Oxide.

In basic terms, this means that these genius-level scientists have figured out a way to make beer brewing less costly and more predictable, which will cut down on loss due to the yeast spoilage that sometimes happens during the brewing process. Additionally, after alcoholic fermentation, the BioBots remain in the bottom of the beer solution, and are retrieved by BioBot magnetic actuation, which removes the need for a filtration process to remove the yeast from the beer. The image to the left is an illustration of this magical yet highly scientific process.

Yes, the future is here, and it has come to improve the brewing process and open the door to other possibilities through the wonders of the magnetic process. What will they think of next?


Around Bellingham:

Darach Brewing just announced via social media that it is closing. The brewery and taproom opened in late 2022. In their own words, “Unfortunately, time was not on our side to grow a big enough base to support ourselves.” Darach Brewing’s last day of operation is September 23rd so go on down and show your support before that happens. The beer community in Bellingham is tough but friendly. Go show Darach some love before they close their doors.

Structures Brewing has been ranked the best in the state of Washington!

Larrabee Lager has now opened in Bellingham!

Garden Path has opened another bottle shop right here in Bellingham!

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